Damshique transportation services has the best transport resources and provides different specialised services particularly dealing with the actual demands of customers. As a leading service provider we send the vehicle on time to a location without delay. We fulfill customer demands by giving timely services.

We have a team of experts ready to respond to customers very quickly. The grievances of customers are rectified quickly through our best after services team. Our heavy equipment rental services ensures the execution of its purpose and puts your activities on a more solid footing. Our equipments are maintained in a perfect working condition with highly effective equipment servicing.Best service system is guaranteed at a stipulated time period by us.

Services rendered by us:

  • Transportation services for working clients
  • Highly serviced heavy equipment rental
  • Rent a car
  • Any dissatisfaction of services will be replaced within 24 hours
  • Skilled drives aware of the eyes and ears of the city
  • Providing Portable & waste water tanker,Flat and low bed trailers,Boom truck,Dump truck and buses.
  • Well maintained equipments rented in cost effective prices
  • Renting Reefer trucks,Heavy duty cranes,Front loader so and so forth.